Broken Birthday

Soul of Ears


Broken Birthday

I'm taking age away

I've made the same mistake

Again our lights go out at day

And you took my heart away

And twisted it with your date

The way I forgot all my fate

So how u came?

And have we not embraced?

Cause’ I know this is my last birthday

# Will you give me your best tonight

Will you be angel for the taint

Just here you shine

Just here you stay

You are the venus of this space

Repeat #

You are the venus of this place

You are the venus of this place


*Blow out the candle of the night

Until we all unite

Sing me in dreams this lullaby

In this last broken birthday night

Our wishes all go by

Baby won’t you hold me tight?

Why I decided to die on this day?

And to end a story with roses on the last page

The dawn is reaching there's no delay

But I’m lost in this neon cascade.

I think I’m now fading away

The lights are dull and grey

But your eyes still glowing like the flame

I got too many words that are left to say

And I got too many hatred there is no other way

Until I met you on my last day

Maybe this is the sweet death people say

Now grab my hand

I'll take you away

We'll dance like Faust and Marguerite

Baby it's best for me to put an end to this life in this dream

Repeat *

You are the venus of this space


You are the venus of this place