Soul of Ears


When the glass hits the floor

It will smash endlessly

When the rain is falling down

it blends to recall our Memories


When you get away from me

I feel nothing left right here

i just want to take you back

if you promise to stay with me



#i saw the blur flashed in the front

just like the fragment that reintegrates

there's no other way to keep on

than make myself fall into the abyss again#


pick up a chips of glass

My blood, falls on the ground

stand on the street screaming mad

shout out all the things that i sorrow


Refuse to be reborn with my mind

Present and Past, tortures of war

Spirit and limb are not my own

my brain becomes hollow again and again

left alone, sighing with emotion

The masses can not encompass


When the glass hits the floor

It blends to recall on memories




Can you believe we turned out like this?

Can you believe we were once so perfect?

These broken pieces,

And this never ending seasons

Tell me

How can I escape?