S.O.E. Gaming

Soul of Ears


Will desire

Make you mad?

Or will you tire?

Don't hold back.


They can scheme

All they want

We are walking dreams

Eyes open in our sleep.


*Through the tears

And the hurt

Take the pain

Make it work.


It's a fight

We can win

Don't lose hope

Believe in me.*


First blood

Every single time It is on me

Mid lane

Roaming top in level three and feed


thirty minutes on and I can't see

Now what

Guess I'll quit and grab my cup of tea


#Forget about the last game,

We're never gonna lose again

Never gonna lose again# x2


Hear the cheers

Of heavy hearts

Hold onto what you can

Don't leave it up to chance


Make it clear for everyone

There's so much to lose

But nothing to fear


Another game of elo-free

Our top is zero ten and three

Get rekt ,says this insec-wannabe lee

and flash kick the fed Zed into Jinx




Believe in me we got this best of three

We won't forfeit coz we are S.O.E