叛逆 Factieuse

傻驢老師 Prof Salut







This is Prof Salut's first attempt to break away from classical and contemporary music works. A feel of electrical psychedelic with a sense of suspicion and modern technology allows the audiences to have surging expectation without inexplicable oppression. It is a music piece that very suitable for white-collars to imagine freely to outer space after off work.

The original intention of this music work did not explicitly set in any direction. Except for the rhythm drum kit, it was only carried out through three sound elements, but it used many interlaced and irregular rhythms in contemporary music creation techniques. Even if it seems like the same motives are repeated, but in the irregular rhythm, it has a definite beat. This is a representation of a rebellious performance.

In her self-illustration: "What are the rules? I just want to find my own rules and logic in the irregularities. It sounds like everything is combined, but each line part can be dismantled independently. Existence of every sound is the concept of the protagonist. Therefore, there is no additional modification and sound processing. The music is just pure."