秋姑娘 Dame d’Automne

傻驢老師 Prof Salut


秋姑娘 Dame d’Automne 



The music work of Dame d'Automne by Prof Salut personifies the arriving of the autumn season as a witty and curious young oriental lady that tiptoes into the scene. Just like the name of the music.

By collaborating the main melody with the traditional poetic Chinese Erhu and passionate African Kalimba and surround with percussion background beats, it personified as a young oriental lady that tempting to express her rebellious inner under the traditional rules of Eastern culture. The music elaborated meticulously with naughtiness notion binding into the standard set. Simple rhythm with plain meaning added depth to this music, and broaden the receiving audiences. Mindy Fong amazingly elaborates the oriental style that expresses the arriving of the autumn season.