Ecstatic / 欣喜若狂



This is a piece of music specially produced for commercial use. It is suitable for live music in stores, stores, supermarkets, department stores, corporate halls, commercial activities, visual effects and advertising, YouTube videos, corporate brands, news, and promotional media. Christmas, new year, festival, Jazz Ballad style, Lead Acoustic Piano and Cello concerto, Jazz Electric Guitar solo. 這是一首特別製作給商業用途的音樂,適用於店家、賣場、超市、百貨公司、企業大廳的現場音樂、商業活動、視覺效果和廣告、YouTube視頻、企業品牌、新聞、宣傳媒體。聖誕、新年、節慶之 Jazz Ballad 風格,鋼琴主奏及大提琴協奏,電吉他獨奏。